Let's head toward a green approach

Less materials, better core performances

Our GDM Core Plus allows to save up to 800 k€ per year: a 40% saving on core materials (fluff & SAP, compared to previous core formation process), thanks to an optimized mix and allocation featuring permanent channels construction, for an outstanding wetness distribution.

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ETC_raw materials
Alternatives core

Alternatives for core and topsheet

Bamboo, eucalyptus, banana and cotton are driving the raw materials global trend in sustainability: GDM’s converting and packaging solutions are set-up to handle fibers other than from softwoods, more sustainable and with a lower environmental impact. 


Continuous innovation in Packaging solutions

With the global industrial sector more and more oriented towards sustainability, the focus is on Polyethylene (PE) and Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) alternatives.

In line with these expectations, our solutions are set-up to handle bags made of bio-based materials, minimizing carbon footprint and reducing therefore the impact on the environment.


Low Density Polyethylene

We already realize bags with a minor thickness of Low Density Polyethylene compared to the standard - 35 µm vs 50 µm. This means:

Reduction of virgin PE: up to -30% g/bag

Reduction in the material cost: up to -25%   

Green polymers

Green polymers

To move away from plastic, we are testing new packaging options built on 100% non-oil-based green polymers, with only renewable resources, as for example starch.


Post Consumer Resin

Post Consumer Resin (PCR) is the plastic that has already been recycled and is ready to use again: our bags go in the direction of a low-carbon circular economy, thanks to the presence up to 20% of this material.

Paper Bags

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