GDM and Coesia Digital

GDM and Coesia Digital

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GDM digital overview

A paradigm shift from hardware manufacturing to IoT as a service

In recent times, the manufacturing machinery industry has undergone a profound reorganization of its digital strategy. Several factors are behind this:

An increase in competition across the board, combined with a global trend towards premiumization (both in terms of product and machinery effectiveness), has pushed market players in the field into investing more and more in research and development

At the same time, the demand for simplicity has been increasing among industrial customers, while consumers are requesting more and more complex products with high-performing features, putting significant pressure on production costs

Indeed, to fulfil the evolving needs of the market and satisfy such diverse expectations, the manufacturing machinery industry is going through a major paradigm shift - from a vertical focus on hardware manufacturing to a horizontal Industry 4.0 strategy encompassing hardware, software, and services, where concepts such as smart manufacturing, data analysis, and Internet of Things become central

GDM machines' architecture is compliant with the major Industrial Security Standards:

  • ISA 99 series Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) security
  • IEC 62443 series Industrial communication networks Network and system security