Innovation on product

Innovation on Product

Mapping and monitoring global and local market trends, GDM is able to address and anticipate customers’ needs for new Product features: better fit, comfort, dryness and extraordinary performance are driving our Product Innovation activities.

GDM Core Plus

The Disposable Hygiene Market is becoming more complex and competitive. In such a scenario, responding promptly to diversified market demands is pivotal for businesses to thrive.

End users want products to be performant, affordable, soft, and pliable. Manufacturers, on the other hand, need their product to be stable, flexible, and homogeneous. Creating customized cores for different products and needs allows to satisfy both manufacturers and purchasers.

And this is exactly what GDM Core Plus is about: a sophisticated yet easy to operate technology that can respond to different needs, while it guarantees innumerable benefits. 

Successfully developed and launched to the market in 2012, GDM Core Plus leverages advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations, allowing the customer to anticipate the final output through mathematic models of the raw materials, and thus ensuring wearability, flexibility, performance, and cost effectiveness.
GDM Core Plus has already been installed on several production lines, proving to be as efficient as it is profitable.  

Should you like to dive deeper into this technology, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Waist Band applied on topsheet

Waist Band applied on topsheet

The Waist band application on topsheet allows to merge the flexibility of an open diaper with the wearability of a training pant, giving more elasticity for better fit on the baby body and comfort so baby’s waist can move freely.

This new GDM product feature solution creates a backside pocket that can effectively prevent leakages from the back. Waist band applied on topsheet is available as an upgrade kit and already integrated on our B5-HB TS Red machine.