Being customer-centric means anticipating your needs and implementing effective actions that generate more value for your business.

Production Support Services

Leveraging GDM’s global presence we can provide service packages that proactively support you in increasing machine availability, quality of production, and reliability.

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Business Protection Program

The Business Protection Program is a modern service agreement, covering maintenance, production, and finance support activities. With a bundle of services tailored to individual needs, it empowers customers in achieving their business objectives by:

  • improving their market standing
  • keeping OEE high
  • maximizing ROI
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A new Paradigm: Servitization

By applying Business Made Easy – a holistic perspective on customers’ needs – to Customer Service, we go beyond mere after-sales support and asset maintenance. 

What we offer is a business-centric, bespoke approach to support businesses in three vital core areas: production, logistics, and finance.


Customers can choose from a range of services, grouped in 3 areas: Traditional Services, Digital Services, and KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services), while also enjoying the benefits of pre-determined costs. 

This flexibility allows businesses to build a service package that perfectly meets their individual requirements. 


machine availability and maintain it stable.


machine reliability, monitor performance, and commit to improvement.


learning curve period and increase troubleshooting capabilities.


asset financial management with pre-determined costs and spare parts availability.


The Business Protection Program ensures that you receive the support you need to succeed

Choose from a wide range of services, including training, on-demand support, production support, and the consultancy services offered by GDM’s team of experts, while also enjoying the benefits of pre-determined costs. 

Flexibility is instrumental in realizing the full potential of your business and maximizing ROI.

Contact us to build a tailor-made program to achieve your business objectives, together.

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