Being customer-centric for GDM means being able to anticipate our customers’ needs and quickly implement the most effective actions to generate value.

Production Support Services

Maximize the operational performance of your equipment during start up, commissioning and production ramp-up.

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Business Protection Program

The Business Protection Program is a customized value-added service contract, covering maintenance, production, and finance support activities. With a bundle of services tailored on individual needs, it empowers customers in achieving their business objectives by:

  • improving their market standing
  • keeping OEE high
  • maximizing ROI
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A new Paradigm: Servitization

By applying Business Made Easy – a holistic perspective on customers’ needs – to Customer Service, we go beyond mere after-sales support and asset maintenance. 

What we offer is a business-centric, bespoke approach to support businesses in three vital core areas: production, logistics, and finance.


Customers can choose from a range of services, grouped in 3 areas: Traditional Services, Digital Services, and KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services), while also enjoying the benefits of pre-determined costs. 

This flexibility allows businesses to build a service package that perfectly meets their individual requirements. 


machine availability and maintain it stable.


machine reliability, monitor performance, and commit to improvement.


learning curve period and increase troubleshooting capabilities.


asset financial management with pre-determined costs and spare parts availability.

Production Assistance

Production Assistance

On site support with field service engineers to help customers in machine startup after commissioning: GDM skilled technical staff will support you in maximizing production and operations.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

GDM Remote Assistance represents a huge step forward leveraging internet potential and capabilities of mobile devices.
It allows us to be closer to our customers: through a single click, our experienced technician will be able to make a quick diagnosys and solve the issue.

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Remote Assistance: Right There, Right Away

Thanks to high-quality quality audio and video, we can now provide real time diagnosis and troublshooting, exactly as if we were right besides you - without the need of a physical presence.

For more information on how to get advanced support, contact your Customer Service Specialist to get access to our Ticketing portal!

Audit - Machine Performance Analysis

Audit - Machine Performance Analysis

The creation of a manufacturing facilities network enables to collect and use production information, optimize performances and continuously monitor them. Machine audit resulting in a structured reports with all the advices and action plan to improve machine performance and return to original machine conditions.

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Line Performance Analysis

Line Performance Analysis

Line supervision leads to improved root cause analysis and better line understanding, driving line OEE maximization through better asset utilization, resulting in less waste. The key for ROI maximization is to focus on losses rather than on effectiveness, to define the true caused of low performances as set up and adjustment, equipment breakdown, idling, short stoppages, speed losses, start-up quality and process quality.