SB70 Red Series B8

Stacker&Bagger for 800 ppm infeed speed (70 bags/min)

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Stacking & Bagging
  • INDUSTRY: Tissue & Hygiene
  • SEGMENT: Baby Diapers

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)4850
Machine height (mm)2370
Machine length (mm)8300
Machine weight (kg)10000
Max efficiency (%)95
Operating modeContinuous
Product changeover10min - count changeover (1 operator)
Size changeover30min - thickness changeover (2 operators)
Max waste (%)2
More Information
Other infoThe SB70 Red Series B8 has a full servo integrated packaging system capable to count, stack, compress and bag baby disposable diapers into premade bags up to 70 cycles per minute. MACHINE PERFORMANCE Production speed*: Input (stacker) Max.(*): 800  385m/min Output (bagger) Max. : 70bags/min  product width up to 125mm Max. : 50bags/min  product width up to 175mm (*)Note: Whichever comes first Number of products by row Min. : 8 with ¾ chain pitch (up to 15mm product thickness) Max. : 60 single row- 120 double row- Min. : 7 with 1 chain pitch (up to 20mm product thickness) Max. : 50 single row- 100 double row-
Regulatory requirements
Other RegulationsEC Declaration of Conformity (Type II1A 2006/42/EC) CE certificate
Packaging features
Packaging materialPE film min 35 micron - max 100 micron
Packaging typepoly bag
Product range
Max product length (mm)280
Min product length (mm)190
Max product width (mm)140
Min product width (mm)90
Product features
Product typeBaby open diaper and pants
Value proposition
Value propositionPerformance