Being customer-centric for GDM means being able to anticipate our customers’ needs and quickly implement the most effective actions to generate value.

Maintenance Services

Minimize your unplanned equipment downtime and protect your investment with our range of Maintenance Services.

Incident Management & Troubleshooting

GDM technical staff through telephone and remote link is able to troubleshoot machine issues, analyzing problem root and support machine restart: it allows to overcome your machine stop time and minimize production loss.


Remote Assistance: Right There, Right Away

Thanks to high-quality audio, video and augmented reality we can now provide real time diagnosis and troubleshooting, exactly as if we were right beside you - without the need of a physical presence.

For more information on how to get advanced support, contact your Customer Service Specialist to get access to our ticketing portal

Technical Services

On call service interventions, at your facility, from our specialized technicians to help you in troubleshooting unexpected machine problems, as process anomalies, mechanical settings and automation issues.


Solutions allowing "fast restart" of the automation system in case of component replacement or major fault: this allows to minimize machine stop time due to malfunction with software-based units.

GDM Performance Protection Services

After the final Site Acceptance Test, the machine is ready to run: from now on, the activity must be carefully monitored to prevent possible drops in production performance indicators. GDM is ready to support you, facilitating machine start-up and minimizing the learning curve period.

The main performance KPIs we focus on are speed, efficiency and waste.