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At the heart of GDM's approach lies the streamlining of digital innovation into services. With PerforMate, a cutting-edge IoT platform, we aim to revolutionize line performance monitoring.

This innovative service combines the power of machine learning algorithms with Coesia's proprietary cloud infrastructure to provide real-time insights and enhance operational efficiency.

PerforMate serves as your portal to empowered production lines, offering 24/7 platform availability and a comprehensive KPI dashboard. It also provides alarms and troubleshooting notifications, historical OEE overviews, machine parameter data and analysis, detailed measurements, and analysis capabilities. Additionally, it provides quick and efficient support services, simplifying troubleshooting, minimizing downtime, and thus saving costs.

Discover how to leverage the power of digitization, with PerforMate.


PerforMate, OptiMate, and HyperMate are part of Coesia Digital ecosystem.