GDM and Coesia Digital

GDM and Coesia Digital

Our digital services at your fingertips!

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We aim to make digital innovation and streamline it into services. With this in mind, we have created OptiMate, our new smart HMI and gateway to the Coesia world of Digital Services. 

Featuring a smart interface and a user-friendly navigation, OptiMate has been designed to make the operator's job as easy as it can be, representing a new way to fully control your machine. With the power of data analysis, the GDM HMI can guide you through actionable insights, turning data into value while maximizing uptime.

OptiMate is already a standard on new GDM lines in the basic version, premium features are available upon request.


OptiMate, PerforMate and HyperMate are part of Coesia Digital ecosystem.