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GDM solutions to embrace sustainability

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Consumers are increasingly attentive to sustainability, being willing to spend more on a product that respects the environment.
People's awareness has considerably increased over the years as demonstrated by a recent survey  that shows how “green” challenges are considered important by 63% of the global population.

Moreover, governing bodies worldwide are implementing precise directives on how to reduce waste and better protect the environment, through concrete policies and legislative acts.

Manufacturing companies have therefore a key role, being pushed by consumers to increase efforts towards pressing environmental issues. 

GDM's commitment to sustainability

GDM's commitment to the application of sustainability principles takes many forms thanks to machines designed according to a "green concept", of which Extra Thin Core technology and Option Zero Program are the best GDM representations.

Let’s focus on Extra Thin Core, how could it combine sustainability requirements with financial benefits?

Our Extra Thin Core allows to save up to 800k€ per year: a 40% saving on core materials (fluff & SAP, compared to previous core formation process), thanks to an optimized mix featuring permanent channels construction, for an outstanding wetness distribution.

The process has been designed to minimize the use of air for fluff and SAP convey. The resizing of the suction fan of the forming wheel and the mill redesign have further contributed to the reduction of energy consumption up to 40% compared to the traditional version.

Moreover, thanks to Extra Thin Core, diapers are thinner compared to those with a standard core formation, thus reducing the package size: 25% more space available on the shelf and in your stockroom is the result you can achieve!
Would you like to enter in details on how to be more eco-friendly while saving your money? 

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