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GDM + FlexLink: enabling scalable, on-demand automation for the end user

The Disposable Hygiene industry is at a turning point. The rise of machine learning and the Internet of Things, combined with growing competition across the board and a global push towards premiumization, is driving a sector-wide shift from hardware manufacturing to IoT as a service. Increasingly, Disposable Hygiene players are redesigning their value chain from the ground up. Once focused solely on production, they are now morphing into comprehensive, hi-tech solution providers, capable of meeting the widest range of needs in an ever more limited timeframe. 

That's why two Coesia companies are joining forces to establish rock-solid synergies, that benefit the whole industry: GDM, a global industry leader in converting and packaging, is partnering with FlexLink, a key provider of innovative, high-end material flow solutions to manufacturing industries, such as food, beverages, personal care, automotive, healthcare and electronics. 

With a simple goal: Business Made Easy.

An integrated, all-in-one solution to simplify the customer’s value chain

Today, the customer experience is the end-all be-all of customer's retention. According to McKinsey, customer experience excellence is critical to boost growth and build an enduring advantage over competitors[1], even more so in industrial services[2] - and, with the emergence of predictive analytics and automation, the bar is rising. How to untangle this complexity and satisfy the customer?

This alliance will help us craft a breakthrough customer experience in three main areas: 

  • Brand: thanks to this collaboration, we can give meaningful help in terms of market penetration and provide guidance and decade-long industry expertise. The client can count on the full force of the Coesia Group, increasing the aspirational value of its brand and entering previously untapped markets. 
  • Product Performance: The cooperation between GDM and FlexLink raises product performance to a whole new level, enabling scalable, on-demand automation for the end user. What’s more, GDM has an invaluable know-how in premium materials as well as in cost-effective converting technology and machining. On top of that, our digital portfolio, wide product offer and Product Development Program are top-notch and so are our cutting-edge digital solutions, such as OptiMate.
  • Retailing: the combined power of GDM and FlexLink companies represents a watershed for the Disposable Hygiene industry, integrating, for the first time ever, converting, packaging, end-of-line, training and Asset Protection Services into a single, user-friendly, comprehensive solution, with GDM as the only contact point for the whole project.

    Not to mention the tremendous value brought to the table by FlexLink: market leader in conveyors systems, with long-time experience in the Tissue & Hygiene industry as system integrator. With more than 100 installations on its shoulders, the company is an industry leader in automated production and material flow solutions, both locally and globally, counting on a solid portfolio of standard, well-proven, state-of-the-art solutions and turn-key installations, with optimized system control.

The benefits for the customer are huge. For one, this partnership streamlines retail customer service and presents one face to the client, speeding troubleshooting while also increasing the proximity to the customer. GDM defines the machine plant and design and manages the operational flow requirements. Also, it takes care of the packaging technology as well as bag dimensions, count and materials. FlexLink creates a link from primary to secondary packaging, including palletizing, solving all logistics needs and enabling new revenue streams for the client. 

Creating a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing center from scratch: a case of success

The long-time partnership between GDM and FlexLink has already made a dent in the US Disposable Hygiene industry. 

A North American player in the baby diaper market participated in one of the many projects led by GDM and FlexLink. Their goal was to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing center: a new, next-generation facility to scale operations, while ensuring world-class quality, affordable pricing and excellent service.

Enter GDM & FlexLink. Thanks to the tight cooperation between the two Coesia companies, the project took just one year and a half from the initial proposal to the end of the installation phase. During this time, GDM and FlexLink installed four complete, fully automated lines – converting, stacking and bagging (primary packaging) and end-of-line (secondary packaging and palletizing) – and acted as premium suppliers. There was full integration between the teams and a handover to the US FlexLink team to complete the project. 

More than anything, this success story is a living example of how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Both FlexLink and we are now considering the current state of their partner network, focusing on nurturing relationships with prospects and customers, and planning ahead for similar projects – where the integration of technologies leads more customers to success.

At GDM, we believe that every customer success story starts with a frictionless purchase  experience. In short, Business Made Easy. We do not just show support to our clients. Instead, we stand by their side through the entire journey, unlocking their full potential through a profound simplification of their value chain. And thanks to our partnership with FlexLink, we are now able to provide a fully integrated, all-in-one solution - with a single point of contact - for our customers.

GDM and FlexLink may truly turn the industry around. Are you ready? Get in touch! Together, we'll unlock scalable, on-demand automation for your business and your end users.


[1] Source:McKinsey
[2] Source:McKinsey
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