GDM and FlexLink collaborate Customer Service

GDM and FlexLink collaborate for efficient Customer Service

A New Horizon for Service 

“Servitization” has been on everybody’s lips in the manufacturing world for quite some time now. This new approach to business is rapidly spreading in the industrial machinery market, allowing manufacturers to build stronger relationships with equipment suppliers and untap a whole new set of benefits to harvest. 

Beyond tangible products, such as new equipment, spare and wear parts, or upgrade kits, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are integrating more advanced support services into their standard offerings. Developing into a service-centric business enhances the quality and reliability of the equipment supplied, while answering the pressing demand from manufacturers for tailored support all through the machinery's lifecycle. 

Manufacturers can take full advantage of the deep expertise of their supplier, now turned into a true partner, by leveraging constant communication with a team ready to respond to their needs with timely and tangible solutions. 

Leveraging teamwork to deliver optimal results 

On top of offering an optimized and functional Customer Service portfolio, collaboration is key to entering the servitization era. Leveraging a strategic network and partnering with selected OEMs results in unparalleled responsiveness and proximity, a decisive upgrade in customer experience. 

Part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based companies specialized in industrial and packaging solutions, GDM believes in the high added value of teamwork. Creating a close partnership with customers and sister companies from the Coesia Group enables GDM to leverage an extensive global network to provide premium services and help customers face the complex challenges of the Disposable Hygiene industry, at a worldwide level. 

So, what happens when a global industry leader in converting and packaging technology joins forces with a key global player in automation?

Meet the fruitful collaboration between GDM and FlexLink, a Coesia sister company. Combining GDM’s experience in cutting-edge converting solutions with FlexLink’s expertise as a leader in Automated Production Flow solutions and end-of-line management, allows to raise machinery performance to unprecedented heights, enabling scalable and on-demand automation while granting A-class support during design, installation and production. 

This long-time cooperation brought to reality several highly successful projects. We can pride the establishment of an advanced manufacturing center in North America, designed and built from scratch for an international Disposable Hygiene firm active in the baby diaper market. The joint efforts of GDM, FlexLink and the customer made it possible to fulfill all the high-aiming requirements, resulting in the plant being up and running in just one year and a half. An unprecedented result was achieved through full integration between the three teams, that did not end with the machinery installation, but continues to thrive towards a shared and advanced Customer Service. 

Leveraging this close collaboration enables GDM to greatly enhance the quality of after-sales services in the US.  

Proximity-dependent services, relying on the physical presence of personnel or equipment nearby, land on a whole new level of responsiveness. GDM and FlexLink’s expert technicians are just a call away if a customer needs on-field support, be it programmed maintenance or troubleshooting. Not to mention that through a single point of contact the customer can reach the right service team to manage any part of the line, be it converting equipment, robotic applications or conveyor systems. On the other hand, local warehousing for spare parts supply and solid stock agreements are the basis to establish leaner logistics and optimize transportation, resulting in quicker lead times. 

Benefits for customers 

The collaborative approach and global network offered by a global Group untaps several key benefits to achieve a world-class service: 

  • Valuable proximity – key to establishing solid and durable partnership, customers can benefit from local experts and technicians, thanks to the presence of branches in all geographies. 
  • Timeframe reduction – in case of unforeseen issues requiring urgent intervention, GDM’s service team can provide timely support on the field. 
  • Cultural distance and linguistic barrier elimination – employing local personnel worldwide facilitates activities such as training, where clear communication is key to achieve common goals. 
  • Local technical hub & warehouse – reducing lead time for the supply of wear and spare parts ensures timely support on both converting and EOL solutions. 
  • Single source supplier – through a single point of contact customers can leverage the whole extent of the Coesia Group global network. 

What lies ahead? 

The success achieved and the indisputable benefits that global presence as a service is bringing to customers is fueling GDM to further tap into the Coesia global network.  

Our vision is to extend this partnership model to other geographies and sister companies to keep improving our top-tier service offer through an ever more integrated teamwork. To be by your side, wherever you are. 

Contact us to discover how we can partner together and untap a new level of service. 

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