Consumer trends shaping the market

Consumer trends shaping the market

Adult Incontinence is the fastest growing segment within Hygiene, with 25 billion units sold in 2017 corresponding to 5% growth for the whole category (CAGR 2015-2017).
Ageing population in developed countries and worldwide expanding product availability have drawn adult products sales increase. North America, Western Europe and Japan are pushing  incontinence segment growth, thanks to more reactive public social welfare policies and cultural taboo overcoming.

Consumers are seeking for clever solutions adapting to their different needs of security, discretion, breathability and wearability rather that the best deal.

Producers are supporting the expanding trend, educating consumers through dedicated communication and awareness campaigns to properly face incontinence factors as prostate conditions, menopause, diabetes, pregnancy and childbirth. Brands have consequently come up with in stores and on-line product assorment expansion to address different types of adult disease.

How are manufacturers approaching the market?

Considering the strong impact of fast changing people lifestyles, the adult incontinence segment is characterized by:  

  • Evolving consumers' needs in terms of features and availability: new products with better management of breathability
  • Increasing offer of traditional and shaped products, to deliver unique new solutions and satisfy consumers' different needs
  • Manufacturers have to constantly monitor operative costs without compromising on quality and product feature requirements


Adult Brief

GDM for Adult Brief machinery market

GDM offers you a solution enabling to anticipate the expanding adult market conditions in terms of product desing and features: A2.5-HM Black.
This machine model is designed to produce traditional hourglass briefs and is already pre-engineered for multi-piece products, with higher fitability and improved protection feeling.

A2.5-HM Black allows an easy upgrade of the equipment in accordance with specific expanding market evolution and your production plan.
It has been developed with a rack modular system for future machinery deployment with Zero Waste solutions, enabling raw material cost saving and nonwovens consumption up to 30%.

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