Being customer-centric for GDM means being able to anticipate our customers’ needs and quickly implement the most effective actions to generate value.

Equipment Modernization

Extend lifetime, meet new regulatory standards, improve performance and enhance functionalities of your equipment.

Upgrades and Kits

Upgrades & Kits

Our Upgrades & Kits solutions can be customized and installed on Hygiene Disposable Products lines. Let's work together to find innovative solutions for the future, with your needs in mind!

Option Zero

Option Zero

As a result of our experience, GDM has the right answer to all customer’s needs. Option Zero is the cutting-edge program designed by GDM to maximize raw materials savings, to reduce time for size changes and to make production more effective.

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Size and Change Over Parts

Portfolio of solutions allowing customers to run different and additional product sizes or formats: this allows to enlarge the product range of your machine minimizing impact on specific process.

Control System Upgrade

Service to upgrade machine control system to the latest GDM technological standards, meeting your need for existing lines modernization solving at the same time any potential obsolescence risks.

Software Upgrade

Portfolio of solutions to upgrade existing machine software-based equipments to the latest technological GDM standards, optimizing automation system performances.