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Upgrade Kits: the smart way to improve your existing production lines

In today's highly competitive market, businesses need to find new ways to maintain their competitive edge and increase revenue. Investing in upgrade kits can strike the right balance between creating premium products that satisfy customers and controlling costs.

Why Upgrade Kits are necessary for today's market

Due to the evolving machinery market landscape and economic situation, upgrade kits have become essential for businesses in the Disposable Hygiene sector. By upgrading specific processes of existing lines, it is possible to optimize production and equipment costs while improving product offerings. 
What’s more, Upgrade Kits offer high-tech solutions, boosting machine speed, product quality, and premium features, ultimately improving overall equipment effectiveness and production capabilities while meeting market requirements.

Upgrading machinery will become the preferred option for manufacturers in the Disposable Hygiene market

The Disposable Hygiene market is showing promising signs of growth in both volume and value across all segments, with Adult Inco, Baby Pants and Sanitary Napkins leading the way[1]
The past two years have seen a faster increase in value compared to volume, mainly due to higher prices. However, experts predict that prices will continue to increase over the next five years, driven by inflation, raw material shortages, and the introduction of new premium products. 
The Baby Open and Lady Sanitary Protection segments, being the more mature, are the most critical contributors to the Disposable Hygiene market in terms of volume, and unit prices globally are experiencing a CAGR 2020-2022 of +5%. [2]
Against this backdrop, consumer awareness and cost orientation in different regions are impacting investments in new machinery and related obsolescence. 
Consumers in regions such as Europe and North America are mature and aware of their different product options. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Turkey and India, manufacturers are more cost-oriented and therefore make fewer investments. 
In light of these trends, upgrading existing production lines with cost-effective upgrade kits can help manufacturers remain competitive while optimizing production and equipment costs.

Upgrade Kits: GDM makes business easy

Upgrade kits are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to remain competitive and optimize their production and equipment costs.
At GDM, we have over 30 years of experience and proprietary know-how in the Disposable Hygiene market, and we offer upgrade kits that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients thanks to our 360-degree Business Made Easy approach. 
Our upgrade kits are designed to improve existing production lines in four key areas:

  • Speed - Upgrade kits can increase the number of Baby and Adult products manufactured per minute, helping to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while minimizing unitary product costs. The investment payback timeline for these kinds of kits is typically 12-18 months, and installation can take as little as three-to-four weeks.
  • Products - Upgrade kits offer several benefits for the Adult and Baby segments, including premium features that improve comfort fit and softness while also optimizing costs. For example, GDM’s in-line laminated waistband and 3D topsheet lamination kits have been developed in order to make premium diapers. Moreover, upgrading to in-line raw material lamination instead of buying pre-laminated RMs can also contribute to savings on materials.
  • Safety – This is an important topic for industrial environments and is the focus of strict and evolving local directives. In this context, we have developed several different kinds of kits, such as protection doors to reduce noise and specific changeover tools to improve safety while moving plates and materials.
  • Modernization of commercial components - By modernizing OEM components suffering from physiological obsolescence (typically motion and remote connection system components), you can improve process performance and extend the life of your existing machinery while minimizing downtime. 

Moreover, as an added bonus, the modular concept of GDM-branded machines allows for easy installation of upgrade kits, making it a cost-effective solution that extends the life of existing machinery while keeping up with the latest industry developments.

To learn more about how our Upgrade Kits can help you save money and improve your business operations, please contact us today.

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[2] Source:Euromonitor 2023
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