US Adult Incontinence Market

Unlocking Opportunities in the US Adult Incontinence Market

As the United States witnesses a demographic shift towards an older population, coupled with an increasing life expectancy, the adult incontinence market is undergoing rapid expansion.

The National Association for Continence reports that more than 25 million adult Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, highlighting how widespread this condition is in the American population. 
By 2027, the number of people aged 65 and older is projected to exceed 67 million, representing 20% of the total population, an increase from the 17% of 2022. This demographic shift, along with advancements in health management leading to more hospitalizations among younger individuals for conditions like post-surgery recovery and childbirth, underscores the anticipated surge in demand for incontinence products.
This landscape presents both challenges and opportunities, underlining the necessity for different kinds of incontinence care products accommodating not only for long-term care facilities, but also for temporary incontinence conditions.

The growth is not just a matter of numbers—it reflects a deeper awareness in addressing a condition that touches the lives of many and is rooted in diverse causes from natural aging to temporary circumstances. This leads to an era where dealing with incontinence is no longer a silent struggle, but a journey towards comfort and dignity, supported by remarkable advancements in health management.
While a variety of incontinence management solutions are available, ranging from medical interventions to specialized devices, absorbent products like adult diapers, protective underwear, and pads continue to be widely preferred for their practicality and dependability.

As the market expands, with an annual volume growth rate expected to increase by +4% by 2027, consumer attitudes toward incontinence are becoming more open, with an increasing number of people actively seeking effective management solutions.

This shift is leading to an expansion in the variety and availability of products, with retailers and manufacturers broadening their offerings from light bladder leak protection, protective and reusable underwear or disposable underpads for bed and chair protection to meet the diverse needs of this expanding consumer base.

How the market of incontinence products is expanding 

Incontinence products in North America are experiencing a surge in sales volumes, significantly influenced by changing consumer buying habits. The shift towards digital platforms is evident, with increasing numbers of online purchases further demonstrating the trend.
The rapid growth of e-commerce is attributed to its convenience, guaranteed privacy through discreet home delivery options, and the ease of comparing products by reading reviews. These factors are increasingly attracting consumers to online shopping, marking e-commerce as a dominant force in market expansion.


Despite this surge, supermarkets and drugstores continue to hold the largest market shares, benefiting from the instant accessibility and trust of traditional shopping experiences.
As to products, pads, liners, and shields for light incontinence continue to dominate, holding 51%, 22%, and 20% of the market volume, respectively. Despite their significantly smaller market share, male wraps (0.001% of total volume) and reusable underwear (0.0006% of total volume) have experienced a notable growth over the past year, indicating a rising interest in these alternative products.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the overall scenario of the U.S. economy suggests a continued evolution of the adult incontinence market. The market value in US retail is climbing, with annual growth rate expected to increase by a further +9% by 2027, driven by factors such as inflation, the rising cost of goods, and the surge in demand for premium products. 
Therefore, the incontinence product market represents an opportunity to be seized and further explored by disposable hygiene manufacturers.

What trends are shaping the future of adult incontinence care?

The adult incontinence product market is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by new trends that cater to evolving consumer preferences, including a growing emphasis on prices and sustainability.
Against a general backdrop of economic caution, consumers, driven by a mix of optimism and budgetary limits, continue to spend wisely. 
Shoppers are demonstrating an increasing interest in off-brand products that offer affordability without compromising on quality: while absorbency and odor control remain fundamental, value for money has become a critical consideration in spending decisions. This trend is further fostered by the so called 'diaper divide', a raising phenomenon testifying how many adult consumers struggle to afford essential self-care products. This divide separates cost-effective basic products from premium ones with advanced features, pushing manufacturers to balance affordability with innovation, ensuring access to a wide range of consumers.
In addition, consumers are now looking for products that not only meet their immediate needs and respond to their economic means, but also align with environmental concerns. However, sustainability continues to be subordinate to effectiveness, with less than 10% of consumers willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly features, as indicated by Euromonitor International's Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition research.

Together, these trends reveal an evolving market, where socioeconomic factors, product innovation, and sustainability converge to define the future of adult incontinence care. This landscape demands that manufacturers be able to anticipate future requests, ensuring that the adult incontinence product market continues to grow in a manner that is both responsive and responsible.

Entering Adult Incontinence Market: GDM's Approach

To thrive in the adult incontinence products retail market, it is becoming necessary for manufacturers to take a strategic perspective to meet the needs required by the industry.
In this scenario, a profitable approach is the value-centric pricing model, where the cost of a product is based on the perceived value it offers consumers. Today, in fact, when choosing a product to buy, people look for an optimal combination of cost and quality. 
Beyond competitive pricing, producers must also focus on crucial elements such as product diversification. Expanding their range to include new lines or product divisions is essential for meeting diverse consumer needs and capturing various market segments.
In general, factors crucial in influencing consumers' product choice, such as performance and, of course, quality, should not be overlooked. Ensuring a product consistently performs as intended is vital for building trust and showcasing durability and effectiveness, fostering consumer loyalty. By giving priority to these elements, manufacturers can establish a strong market presence and secure enduring success. To meet these requirements, partnering with industry leaders like GDM is a must.
At GDM we believe being a reliable partner means not only providing the key technology that manufacturers need to create excellent products. Thanks to our 'Business Made Easy' approach, we put our industry expertise at the service of manufacturers to support their ideas from every angle, from market analysis to technology supply, customer service and ongoing support. This way, we are proudly able to ensure an efficient and successful path to market entry or strengthening their market presence, according to each of our customers’ requirements.
Discover how GDM's unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive business support can revolutionize your presence in the adult incontinence market. Get in touch with us today.


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