Woman playing with baby wearing diaper

The innovation of Accordion Core

Recent advancements in diaper design have vastly improved absorbency. So much so that, as of today, highly absorbent Disposable Hygiene solutions are a contender for the fastest-growing category in the market. Thanks to innovative design solutions, thinner and more comfortable diapers can be produced with above average performance and minimal material usage. 
Not only that: such innovations also make the product more space-saving, therefore increasing cost-effectiveness and simplifying logistics — all while lowering the diaper’s carbon footprint. 

The following white paper will elaborate on the issue and explore the advantages of Accordion Core, a GDM patented technology for the Baby and Adult segments, Open and Pant format, that enables localized absorption and material savings up to 25%. 

Want to boost your machine performance and save money at the same time? Download the white paper!

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