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For many industrial players in the Disposable Hygiene domain, spare parts management spells challenge: deadlines, operating costs, warehousing, a thorough Supply Chain management and an efficient Customer Service are just a few of the variables in the equation to take into consideration.

Facing the challenge with GDM versatile solutions

To cope with these challenges, we offer Spare Parts Management as a service, so as to let our customers focus on their core business. Thanks to our portfolio of solutions, the client could benefit from several advantages:

  •  “Achieving together” mindset: we are a partner that puts the customers at the center as far as all the different aspects of the business are concerned, including the After-Sales ones. We follow a simple tenet: Business Made Easy.
  • High-quality service: both in terms of support, featured by prompt reaction in regular and exceptional situations and of spare parts standards, internally designed focusing on materials and treatments for premium machine performance. 
  • Convenience: thanks to specific customized solutions we can offer economically advantageous opportunities for spare parts provisioning.
  • User-friendly customer experience: as we strive to keep customers' needs always in mind, we promote simple and intuitive solutions for spare parts management, such as our Webshop, aimed at simplifying the buying journey.
  • Moving with the times by keeping our customers’ needs at the center as well as quickly adapt and design solutions for specific markets & conjunctures.  

GDM Spare Parts Management: a closer look 

Stocking Agreements

A Stocking Agreement consists of the creation of a new bonding between GDM and the customer for outsourcing the spare parts stocking (such as belts, rollers, blades, …): as the most critical spare parts are stocked at GDM’s premise, the risk of delays in lead times is substantially minimized, reducing potential downtime. 

At the beginning of the contract, in fact, GDM makes a list of the most critical parts in terms of malfunction risk and intensity of use. Afterwards, a consumption analysis of these parts is conducted in relation to the client’s business, identifying which spare parts should be kept in stock and in what quantities. This allows GDM's to buy spare parts in bulk and offer competitive prices. 

In terms of economics, this has many benefits for customers, such as overall purchase prize optimization, stocking cost reduction, defined price list within the agreement terms and, most importantly, a unique supplier providing original and updated spare parts in case of technical improvements.

For the customer, it means minimizing fixed costs of both materials and warehouse space while ensuring the delivery of such spare parts within a set time. 
In other words, the dedicated warehouses project simplifies spare parts logistics through the physical optimization of stock inventory. The customer’s parts kept in stock at GDM’s warehouse are delivered within 48 hours[1]: as a result, the customer’s on-site inventory stock value and fixed working capital investment is reduced up to -30% in one year.


Refurbishment is a process that extends the machine lifetime and it is only applicable to GDM design spare parts. It is available for specific product categories as rotor mills, core forming moulds, rubber rollers, USB anvil rollers, shells, beaters and special cutting rollers.

This service is a complementary alternative to the purchase of new parts, allowing to fully recover the full functionality of spare parts, where possible.


Coesia Webshop is the GDM’s online store of spare parts, based on a Group common platform characterized by the utmost cyber security

The service is intuitive, always available from anywhere and features 100% integration with the client company's ERP. Certificates and credentials are necessary to login and a Customer Service specialist is always at the client's disposal in case of need. The Webshop has 4 main benefits for the customer: efficiency, autonomy, time saving and certainty.

The client can search per part number, taking advantage of GDM's wide product selection. Also, the customer can easily upload existing item lists and, last but not least, always monitors shipment details and tracking.

Digital Documentation 

Fully comprehensive technical documentation, allowing Customers to properly use our technology and to stay abreast of government regulations, safety standards and other issues legislated by local or international entities.   
One of the latest digital solution introduced by GDM is the Visual Component System: thanks to this tool, the customer can easily and interactively navigate new machines’ layout as well as browsing the 3D documentation for a significant time saving.

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits are the latest addition to GDM’s Customer Service portfolio of solutions. They have been developed to provide a different way of taking a tour of the production line, which has proved to be useful during 2020’s coronavirus crisis when movement restrictions were first put into place.

Lockdown or not, Virtual Visits provide an alternative opportunity for customers to directly engage with the manufacturing process, giving the opportunity to take a “digital look” from anywhere in the world without any geographical barrier. 

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[1] 48 hours only applicable to Europe
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