Expandable welding wheel

Meet GDM Expandable Welding Wheel — winner of the INDEX 20™ Innovation Awards

Expandable Welding WheelExpandable Welding Wheel

Every now and then there is a breakthrough. That is the case with the GDM Expandable Welding Wheel. This award-winning, patented technology generates a side seam welding in Baby and Adult pant-type products, enabling the production of an extended number of sizes with just a single unit.

What's more, a wide range of materials is supported and the performance is top notch and green. Indeed, the welding stations the unit is composed of are mounted onto a wheel-like assembly, allowing for high-speed operation and zero-time size change without mechanical part substitution and reset.

If you are not already familiar with the GDM Expandable Welding Wheel, get in touch. You will not be disappointed.

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