On the left a baby in diaper sucking his thumb on the right the writing "In line laminated waistband GDM"

In Line Laminated Waistband: one kit for a winning product

In line Laminated Waistband Infographics 1In line Laminated Waistband Infographics 2

The GDM In Line Laminated Waistband is the process unit that produces and applies an in-line elastic waistband onto baby diapers. This feature, depending on where the waistband is applied, generates two advantages:

  • When applied onto the topsheet, facing the baby's body, it provides better product performance eliminating back leakage and improving product elasticity.
  • When applied between backsheet and topsheet it ensures superior comfort increasing product elasticity. 

In short, the GDM In Line Laminated Waistband increases the quality of Baby Diapers going in the direction of premiumization, a powerful trend that is shaping the Disposable Hygiene market worldwide.

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