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GDM SpA Presents HyperMate: The Next Frontier in Smart Manufacturing

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GDM SpA is excited to introduce HyperMate, an innovative end-to-end digital solution for Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). In conjunction with OptiMate and PerforMate, HyperMate forms an integral part of the Digital Coesia ecosystem, representing a significant leap forward in manufacturing processes, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity.

This state-of-the-art automation system improves the quality of operations by scaling the automation model from the machine to the factory level. Thanks to wireless sensor networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it elevates productivity, turning conventional factories into cutting-edge Smart Factories. Key advantages of HyperMate include maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), enhancing flexibility, improving product quality, and optimizing maintenance schedules.

HyperMate empowers real-time lifecycle management of production orders and results tracking, ensuring efficient and responsive operations management. It also offers 3D plant navigation and MES/MOM integration for enhanced visibility.

The solution's core features encompass order management, full-plant automation, lights-out manufacturing, resource optimization, and data-driven services. It streamlines production processes, enhances product quality management, and accelerates time-to-market.

HyperMate is set to revolutionize the world of manufacturing operations management, connecting businesses to the future of full-plant automation and digitization. Watch the video to discover how HyperMate can help your organization optimize and fully digitize your plant processes

Unlock the future of manufacturing with HyperMate. Contact GDM SpA today to learn more about this groundbreaking solution and start your journey toward enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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