A5 machine

GDM has won the Coesia Lean Six Sigma Award 2018

The Coesia Lean Six Sigma Award 2018 has been assigned to GDM for the project "Reduce size change time for A5 machine".

Driven by the LSS methodology and tools, the GDM project has generated high value for customers, increasing overall machine efficiency and minimizing total cost of ownership.

The project has led to the reduction of the overall machine size changeover time up to -70%, achieved through the redesign of the critical machine sections and the introduction of new tools reducing the number of operators needed for each single activity, thus allowing three teams to work in parallel.

The project success has been the result of a multidisciplinary team effort involving Engineering, Testing, Assembly, Documentation and Purchase Office. It has required complex activities, finding new solutions and developing new service features such as touch tablet that allows to better support operators while working on the machine.

Reducing the changeover time and consequently the operating costs allow to plan production with higher flexibility on format change thus better meeting the market demand and reducing the stock of finished goods.

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