GDM and Hello Bello™ Partnership: Driving Success in the Baby Care Market

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Experience the Winning Collaboration between GDM and Hello Bello™.

Hello Bello™, a US-based company co-founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, set out to revolutionize the baby disposable hygiene industry by making premium affordable, high-quality and greener baby products accessible to all. To achieve its mission, Hello Bello™ decided to partner up with GDM, a leader in turnkey solutions.

Together, GDM and Hello Bello™ embarked on an extraordinary journey to create a cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Waco, Texas from scratch.

In less than a year, GDM transformed the plant into a Smart Factory—an innovative, fully digitized production facility committed to delivering affordability, high quality, and scalability. Through the installation of end-to-end lines, GDM enabled Hello Bello™ to bring its entire production in-house.

Beyond being a supplier, GDM became a trusted partner, working closely with Hello Bello™ throughout the entire project. From design to production monitoring, GDM provided comprehensive support, ensuring 360° assistance throughout all stages. This collaborative approach, rooted in the Business Made Easy philosophy, was key to Hello Bello's™ success.

At GDM, we are dedicated to bringing innovation to the disposable hygiene industry and streamlining operations for businesses. By leveraging the power of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, we provide tailored solutions that optimize processes, enhance productivity, and propel businesses ahead in the digital age.

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