A full dive inside GDM Machinery spare parts

Face-to-face with spare parts management: the GDM approach for OEE optimization

In today's Disposable Hygiene manufacturing environment, keeping equipment in top condition and maximizing production run time is key to maintain the highest level of effectiveness for your line, with the lowest possible impact on maintenance costs.

Let's enter into details from an insider perspective with the GDM Spare Parts Manager!


Starting from the initial phases of a machine sale, our customers strongly highlight the essential need to build up a sustainable spare parts management plan: which is the GDM formula to support them?

With today's emphasis on lean and flexible manufacturing, the objective of GDM spare parts programs is to ensure timely availability of spares while minimizing inventory. The starting point is Always our customers' need: listening to them, we can clearly understand and respond to their needs and constraints related to the production plan in order to streamline the efficiency of spare parts management.


Keeping this in mind, which are the specific initiatives implemented by GDM?

Among our offering, the "dedicated warehouses project" simplifies spare parts management through the physical optimization of stock inventory. Through preventive definition and consumption analysis of the critical parts for each machine, we guarantee the prompt delivery within 48 hours of the components kept in our stock, providing a concrete advantage to our customers: on-site inventory stock value and fixed working capital investment are reduced up to -30% in one year! 

"Closer to our customers" is a mantra for GDM people: how do you put it into effect?

To GDM, proximity is not just a geographical matter: proximity means comprehension of our customers' needs. Our on-line Webshop is the easiest and fastest way for our customers' Maintenance and Purchasing departments to manage spare parts availability and ordering globally, ensuring 24/7 access and 100% integration with company's ERP.

What sets the GDM offering apart, able to generate value for our customers?

Our responsibility is the answer: from technical evaluation to production, all the phases of a spare parts development and management are under GDM responsibility, with continuous assistance that doesn't end when the component is delivered. Moreover, through a dedicated supply chain, our customers are sure that their spare parts are a priority for us both in terms of qualitative standards and timely availability.

Want to know more about our solutions?

Contact our experts to find out our portfolio of solutions expressly designed to answer your specific market needs.


Reference: GDM Customer Service / spare.parts@gdm-spa.it

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