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Business Made Easy: joining forces to unlock your full potential

This day and age, marked by fast-paced innovation, high specialization, and rigid time constraints, a partner to rely on is the most important asset to any business. That’s why our mission at GDM is not only to be a global player in the Disposable Hygiene market, but also to join forces with our customers as a unique technological and consulting partner, generating value in each and any aspects of their business through advanced services and programs. 

Our inspiring principle is Business Made Easy: our goal is to simplify the customer's business, by optimizing his whole Value Chain.

From pre-sales advice, through production and supply of lines, to after-sales customer care, we can satisfy the most diverse and demanding application requirements, and therefore simplify the customer’s value chain and provide a unique expertise to our clients. 

Product Development, Cutting-edge Technology, Global-Presence-as-a-service - these are the three main areas where we provide support to our customers.

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Product Development

First and foremost, we offer Consultancy on the Full Value Chain. 
Our vision is to work shoulder to shoulder with our customers, to understand their specific needs and develop tailored solutions for them. 

Through our Product Development Program, we simplify our customers’ value chain not only in the form of premium-quality products, but also in terms of convenience and flexibility. 
Everything starts with the product and goes back to the product: features, materials, sizes, production, technology, total cost of ownership - they are all instrumental to the development of the right product for the right market.

The Program follows advanced methodologies, including the Lean Six Sigma one, for ideas generation, and inquiries into the potential impact of product development. 
What’s more, we leverage a strategic network of industry experts, involving raw material suppliers and technological partners, as well as a solid know-how, consisting of in-house product experts, and world-wide product benchmarking.

Cutting-edge Technology 

We make business easy by providing cutting-edge technology to our customers, in terms of: 

  • Converting
  • Packaging
  • End-of-Line Management 
  • Training & Service for Investment Protection

In terms of Converting technology, GDM’s product portfolio covers all the Disposable Hygiene market segments, with focus on Baby Open Diapers and Pants, Adult Incontinence, Protective Underwear and Underpad.

Our Packaging portfolio for all the market segments has the capacity of stacking and bagging hygiene disposable products up to 100 cycles per minute, with an input speed up to 1200 ppm. GDM Packaging lines are characterized by: 

  • Quick count size and bag format change
  • Easy raw materials set-up
  • Ergonomic design and system integration

Speaking of End of Line, thanks to the synergies developed with our sister companies part of Coesia Group, as Flexlink, we offer different service levels for the management of handling, case packing, palletizing and bundling
Our fully automated solutions guarantee a significant reduction of non-value adding equipments, and shorter distances between manufacturing, packaging and logistic areas:  this way, operators can be further utilized, enabling an overview of the whole packaging process as well as solutions for minimizing fork-lift and the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) traffic available.

As far as Training is concerned, we can provide a thorough, extensive, structured training program at our headquarters and on site. 

What’s more, we offer Asset Protection Services, customized service contracts for newly supplied GDM machines, covering maintenance and production support activities. 
Such a service contract has multiple advantages for the customer: first and foremost, it makes asset financial management more efficient, with fixed, predetermined costs and less time spent on purchasing spare parts. Moreover, it increases the machine availability and machine reliability, smoothing the learning curve for the customer's resources.

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GDM global presence makes it possible to stay close to the customers wherever they are



As a global player in the Disposable Hygiene Market, we make business easy also in terms of distribution. Being present in 4 countries across the world and, most importantly, leveraging Coesia's global network, we are the perfect partner for any businesses that want to exploit all the opportunities of the global economy. Most importantly, our global presence makes it possible for us to stay close to the customer wherever they are. This way we can be a point of reference and truly join forces with the customer against the many challenges of today and tomorrow.

At GDM, our primary goal is to join forces with our customer to unlock their full potential. We do so by listening to their specific needs and working alongside them, leveraging our knowledge of the value chain, our technological expertise, and our global presence. Being close to the customer in any aspect, we can be a unique technological and consulting partner, as we build our business not on turnkey solutions, but on single-partner integrated solutions tailored to any customer needs. 

Your business is our business - Let's join forces and unlock your full potential

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