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Baby diaper machinery: market analysis, technologies and trends

2022 has been a bit of a mixed bag for the Disposable Hygiene industry. Owing primarily to declining birth rates, the baby diaper market is going through a period of stagnation in North America and Europe, where consumer awareness and market saturation are at an all-time high. However, it is not all doom and gloom, as demand for Disposable Hygiene products is gaining momentum in developing countries in Asia and on the African continent, where rapid urbanization is driving progress. 

Despite the increase in demand in some countries, Euromonitor recorded a drop in the overall volumes of baby pants and baby open products sold over the past three years, from 197 billion units in 2018 to 188 billion units in 2021. Nevertheless, the  market segment was valued at 47.3 billion dollars in 2022, making it a very lucrative opportunity for brands and manufacturers in the Disposable Hygiene industry.[1]  

In addition, two key trends have stood out this year: consumer awareness and price sensitivity[2] . In 2022, consumers are looking for products  from sustainable materials that guarantee them convenience of use (in terms of shape and design), an affordable yet premium fit and excellent performance. To meet these consumer needs, manufacturers are looking for baby diaper machines that  give them a competitive edge. 

GDM’s baby diaper manufacturing machine portfolio: an overview

In recent years, product developments have taken the form of machine upgrades that prevent leakages, improve performance  and reduce  thickness.  To achieve the latter, efforts have focused primarily on the absorbent core of  diaper products . GDM has  engineered the Extra Thin Core solution that  allows  manufacturers to stand out from the crowd . This new technology thins down the absorbent core , improving product performance, fit and wearability while keeping costs to a minimum. Thanks to this new solution, the products produced by GDM’s  baby diaper manufacturing machines guarantee:

  • a core weight variation vs the target weight of diapers of less than 1.5%
  • improved core integrity, thanks to the redistribution and combination of SAP and fluff to ensure a better liquid spread and protection against leakage
  • the prevention of sagging, thanks to a reduction in the quantity of fluff used in baby diapers and the even distribution of weight

And if all that wasn’t enough, Extra Thin Core technology implicates the use of 40% fewer core materials, allowing manufacturers to save up to 800k € a year (internal estimation).

A closer look at GDM’s  baby pant  and  open  diaper  machines

GDM’s machinery portfolio benefits customers across several Disposable Hygiene segments, but nowhere is this better demonstrated than GDM’s  baby pant and baby open portfolio , where two machines in particular can guarantee manufacturers premium quality, ease of use and sustainable products.

The BP6-Red baby pants manufacturing machine produces premium-quality, H-type baby pants . This fully automatic  machine is equipped with the technology to produce Extra Thin Core, thus allowing manufacturers to reduce the sagginess and bulkiness of baby diapers . GDM’s innovative BP6 baby pant machine boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and excellent benefits in terms of operations and handling. Moreover, the BP6 production machine guarantees energy savings of up to 30% thanks to its improved ability to control and tension raw materials; it also streamlines production and product costs by leveraging cutting-edge technical solutions. 
Meanwhile, the B8-W Grey is a high-speed baby open diaper manufacturing machine that guarantees flexibility and a fast changeover when manufacturing products  with front and rear wings. 

For more information on the specific benefits of GDM’s products and machines, why not get in touch to arrange an in-person or virtual tour?  Alternatively, you can  browse the dedicated section of our website on baby diaper designs.     

Baby diaper making machines: innovation is the name of the game 

GDM is committed to providing manufacturers and consumers with cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline costs, guarantee quick changeovers, minimize waste, reduce defects and improve product quality. But you don’t need to take us at our word. GDM has won several awards for its innovative solutions, including the INDEX™20 Innovation Award for its Expandable Welding Wheel, which creates sealed side seams for baby and adult pant-type products.

GDM’s technology ensures to stand out in a saturated market. Want to know more about GDM and its  product portfolio? Head to our website or get in touch with  our expert team.     

[1] Source:GDM
[2] Source:Euromonitor
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