At the heart of Baby Diapers-GDM Extra Thin Core

At the heart of Baby Diapers: GDM Extra Thin Core


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Globally, the Baby Diapers and Pants market is strongly investing in Product, focusing on quality: improving performances is key for manufacturers to match consumers’ needs, ensuring skin protection and comfort, thanks to thin and light solutions.

To comply with these purchasing drivers, we have developed an innovative Core, generating value throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

Digging out Extra Thin Core performances

Through an outstanding wetness distribution, thanks to an optimized mix and allocation of fluff and SAP featuring permanent channels construction, Extra Thin Core is the perfect solution for your comfortable, high-performance diapers!

To assess skin-friendliness, softness, and comfort, we have conducted benchmark lab tests - in collaboration with an external independent laboratory - on performances of GDM’s products, manufactured with Extra Thin Core, vs the European market reference: 

Rewet test outstanding results, assessing diaper surface dryness

+40% on daily use*
+30% on night use*

Acquisition time demonstrates

The liquid fast absorbency, ensuring high skin protection
Optimized distribution for a better comfort of the diaper

*vs best selling open diaper with permanent channels

Extra Thin Core: quality and saving for your baby diapers and pants

In this scenario, quality is key, and, in the case of Extra Thin Core, it comes with economic advantages and savings.

Indeed, thanks to the improved recipe stability, minimizing product weight variation, our solution allows you to save up to 800 k€ of raw materials per year.[1]

Moreover, our new absorbent core for Baby Diapers and Pants is thinner[2], leading to a bag size reduction: you can now maximize the space on the shelf and in your stockroom, up to +25%.

Let's discover together how to meet the evolving consumers’ needs for premium diapers and pants quality thanks to Extra Thin Core, staking out cost optimization.


[1]Source: GDM internal estimation on Fluff and SAP consumption for 260 mn pcs/year, compared to the previous core formation process
[2]Source: GDM internal estimation compared to baby diapers currently available on the European market


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