Innovation Week

A look behind the scenes of Innovation Week 2018

Discover with us the four highlights we will treasure from Innovation Week 2018!

BP8 Red

1 - BP8 Red: Driving Baby Pants future, together

The new GDM machine, designed to produce baby pants ensuring optimized absoption and comfortable movements, has been finally unveiled!

Product Experience

2 - Product Experience Area: exploring the trends of the Disposable Hygiene products

Bamboo, eucalyptus, banana and cotton are driving the global trend in terms of raw materials sustainability: our testing facility allows you to perform lab tests on the most innovative products, as well as traditional ones, also using natural fibers.

EOL solutions

3 - EOL solutions for value generating

We combine our converting and packaging portfolio with FlexLink and HAPA end of line systems, to provide you turnkey solutions for value generating, also responding to the latest market needs in terms of e-commerce.


4 - Innovation means R&D

We have been actively working on core formation, developing cutting-edge solutions to improve liquid distribution optimizing product absorbency, as well as the most innovative technologies maximizing production flexibility and providing competitive advantage through the best Total Cost of Ownership!

Stay tuned to discover what's next...

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