GDM and Coesia Digital

GDM and Coesia Digital

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Making the information available when it's needed

As for any technical product, the digital documentation is of paramount importance. For this reason, we have optimized each and any element, from usability to the time required for consultation. Usally, the technical documentation is a handbook; sometimes it is digital. In either cases, it is always pulled out by the operator, which then has to find what is looking for, often by untagling a web of technicalities.

That's why we have decided to turn documentation on its toes. Rather than a "pull" documentation that needs to always be retrieved by the user, this is a "push" one. Indeed, when the operator uses a machine, the machine itself shows the relevant documentation, without any effort by the operator. 

Digital Documentation

Integration is the key

It is the process of combining different information and instructions into a single, unified view. For this reason, the HMI operator is going to find the answers that he needs exactly when and where he needs them. Optimate is not only a control tool, but is designed to be a new access point to instructions, troubleshooting, settings and any useful information on the unit on which the operator is working.

As for data analytics, no previous knowledge of computer science is required. on the contrary, the user interface is entirely visual and designed to be immediate from the get-go. Clients want to make the best product for their customers and they want to do it in the easiest way. To answer this need, we rethought the structure of our documentation using self-supporting content and overcoming the limitations of traditional documentation, achieving better scalability and quick updates. This allows an easy, intuitive access to the information.