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The lines characterized by performance will prioritize overall equipment effectiveness thus minimizing the unitary product cost.

Consumer trends shaping the market

Disposable Hygiene is a growing industry, with 462 billion units sold in 2016, 3% CAGR 14-16. Adult Incontinence and Baby Diapers are expanding faster than other segments: with +10% growth rate, Baby Pants achieved the best results, followed by Adult Incontinence (+5%) and Baby Open (+3%).
The Baby diaper segment benefits from the increasing global infant population (0-4 Years), that is set to grow to 680 million in 2018, +58% compared to 2006. Among developing regions, Asia Pacific marks 14% growth for Baby Pants and 6% for Open Diapers thanks to high birth rates, improving living standard and enlarging product penetration due to developing retail infrastructure.
Focusing on the Adult Incontinence market,  the global average life expectancy increased by five years in 2000-2015, sustaining segment’s growth overall.

Europe and North America show the highest consumption expansion: consumers’ education, awareness of available products and growing acceptance of incontinence issues are driving the market forward.
*  Data reference: CAGR 2014-2016
** Data sources: Euromonitor, World Health Organization, Nonwovens Industry and internal online data elaboration 

What does manufacturers really care about?

  • In Baby and Adult segments, comfort, product quality and convenience represent the main features leading to customer satisfaction

  • Enhancing production lines’ effectiveness props up operational performances improvement in terms of cost and time savings

  • Increasing production volumes sustains hygiene disposable demand growth, focusing on unitary product cost control

GDM solutions for the Hygiene disposable machinery industry

With our Red Baby Diapers and Adult Incontinence lines, you can boost your production Performances in terms of speed and effectiveness while minimizing the unitary product cost.
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