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The new lines characterized by performance will prioritize overall equipment effectiveness thus minimizing the unitary product cost.


Disposable Hygiene is a growing market, with a total of 465 billion units in 2015 representing a 4% increase overall (CAGR 13-15). Baby diapers and Adult incontinence are expanding faster than the other segments (CAGR +5%), but Baby Pants topped the list for highest growth category (CAGR +11%).

Asia Pacific, Europe and North America are among the markets with the highest consumption increase: in developing regions there is a strong demand for Baby diapers and Lady sanitary protection, whereas in developed markets Adult incontinence is set to drive growth thanks to more reactive public social welfare policies and cultural taboo overcoming.

Consumers are increasingly seeking for quality products that satisfy their different needs in terms of features and availability. In the forecast period, consumer awareness through aggressive corporate advertisement and  government campaign programs together with new products launch, will fuel the Disposable Hygiene sector development.

Manufacturers have to focus on three main aspects allowing them to cope with the current market demand: product quality, OEE optimization and high production volumes.

GDM offers you Baby diapers and Adult incontinence solutions enabling you to prioritize overall equipment effectiveness thus minimizing the unitary product cost: discover our B10 Red and A5 Red lines.