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Customers needing frequent material and size changes in their production process will find the solutions focused on flexibility extremely interesting. These lines are designed to minimize the impact of size change activities and to easily set-up raw materials.
Consumer trends shaping the market
Increasing product penetration, high birth rates and rising disposable incomes in emerging countries support the 5% growth of the baby diaper segment (CAGR 2013 - 2015). Turkey and Middle East are among the markets with the highest increase, aligned with the global trend.

In Europe and North America, Private Label are capturing a consistent share of sales, leveraging to product premiumisation to compete with the well-known market brands.
Manufacturers' world
Manufacturers playing in regional markets, have to evaluate specific local characteristics, appraising specific sizes and features.
Maintain production continuity is fundamental to prop up sales volume, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
Furthermore, considering the different competitive conditions, manufacturers constantly monitor operation costs, without compromising on quality. 
Data sources: Euromonitor 2016; Nielsen «Global Baby Care Report» (August 2015)
 How great would it be if you could achieve -56% time reduction on single size change operation on your Baby Open diaper production line? What about a stunning +2,5% overall production volumes increase?  

          * comparing B8-W Grey with B8-W Red, on heavy size change (from size 1 to 4).

Focusing on your production pattern and its relevant parameters, as raw material cost, production sizes combination, size change time per year, machine speed and product hours and volumes, we can easily calculate your possible saving levels achievable with our B8-W Grey line vs. B8-W Red.
Together, we'll be able to assess the value generated from labor cost saving, production volumes and OEE increase thanks to size change time minimization.

B8-W Grey is the GDM line that helps you facing production challenges through innovative Zero Time solutions.




Exploiting GDM patented linear motion and E-cam technologies, these innovative process solutions are capable to manage multiple sizes and product lenghts with the same machinery: you need just one equipment to satisfy your needs of shelf availability, cost control and regional specificities.
B8-W Grey: new life of flexibility