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Zero Time

Zero time is the evolution of the time saving concept: using advanced process and technical solutions the size change over operations time is consistently reduced.
The main advantage coming from the elimination of machine stops is the increase of productivity.


Rear Wing Zero Waste with Linear Motion Technology for baby diapers lines

New process based on the “Zero Waste” concept for the application of the rear zero waste panels in baby diaper products based on the Linear Motion.
A process sequence of rear shaped panels application (without scraps) independents from the material characteristics and able to achieve high speed performances (baby diaper lines @1200ppm).
This kit allows to reduce the changeover time.

Newsletter November 2015 – «GDM presents the Rear Wing Zero Waste with Linear Motion Technology for baby diaper lines»

Front Wing Zero Waste with E-cam Technology for baby diapers lines

Thanks to the E-cam technology GDM developed a new process based for the application of the front zero waste panels in baby diaper products: this solution, applied on the final accelerator, allows to simplify the changeover operations and also turn down to zero the machine setting time.
This upgrade kit is furnished for high speed performances (baby diaper lines @1200ppm) with symmetrically shaped wings.


Tape Applicator with Oscillating System

The new tape slip and cut module is designed to allow the application of two tape TABS (operator side or drive side) with a single unit.
The pitch between the two TABS can be changed replacing the blades holder, which has been design with a quick exchange system.
The application module and the oscillating pulling are installed on an independent sliding system, to allow a fast cross machine relocation during changeover operation.

Tape Tab with E-CAM Technology

Exploiting new technologies applied to servomotors and drives, GDM developed a system to control the Tape Tab application onto the rear panels, in order to minimize changeover, maintenance and setup operation by using a single typology of applicator to produce multiple sizes.
Thanks to a specific speed profile (designed by GDM), which is used to synchronize the applicator servomotors speeds during application process, and a sliding system that allows a fast cross machine unit relocation, the same applicator is suitable to produce from small to x-large size range.

Shaped Panels Zero Waste for adult incontinence briefs

It is an equipment for the application of the front and rear zero waste panels in Adult diaper products based on the LInear Motion Technology.
The kit consists of a process sequence of the rear shaped panels application (withou scraps)  independents from the material characteristics and able to achieve high speed performances.
The side panels design can be trapezoidal or symmetrically shaped.