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Zero Defects

The objective of these kits is to reduce the complaints coming from the market concerning the quality of the final product.
Zero Defects is a way of thinking and doing that reinforces the notion that defects are not acceptable. With a philosophy of zero defects, our customers can reduce the cost of failure and increase revenues through increased customer satisfaction.



Single Culling System

In order to optimize vision system interface with machine, aimed to guarantee production output compliant with market needs, while decreasing amount of undesired waste, new software has been developed to maximize inspection performances results.
To reduce undesired waste, generated by synchronization issues between vision system and machine PLC, as wrong rejected product or multiple rejections, an additional module including PLC and related software will be integrated in the existing inspection/rejection system.


Longitudinal Folding with Coanda Effect

The new kit for product longitudinal folding is based on “Coanda” aerodynamic effect and aim to eliminate friction between web and folding plates.
The elliptical folding plates are equipped with a series of small holes manufactured at a specific angle.
Compressed air is blown through them creating a fluid “cushion”, which reduces friction between rear wings and folding plates.
Two step folding process (operator and drive side) allows splitting the folding sequence into two distinct phases.

Newsletter September 2015 – «GDM presents the Longitudinal folding with Coanda effect for baby diaper lines»

Tape Tab reinforcement by USB

In order to reduce the glue quantity consumption, and to guarantee the necessary mechanical characteristics of the tape applied onto the rear wing sub-layer, a new type of ultrasonic welding unit has been developed to reinforce the tape fixation.
The system allows using a light quantity of glue just to set the tape on the rear wings web until it reaches the welding unit, where trough the Ultra Sonic Bonding technology, the Tape TAB is fixed onto the rear wing sub layer through a heating process; different welding patterns can be used according to the product specification.

High Speed Unwinder

GDM high speed unwind unit is able to run at 600 meters / min in operations with a max roll diameter of 1,500 mm. It includes the “zero speed” splicing technology and the new easy web preparation in order to reduce the time for the splice preparation.
The unit includes a vertical buffer equipped with high efficiency rollers, floating carriage and vertical filling.