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Company history

GDM has been in the Hygiene Disposable Industry since 1986, inheriting from two formerly existing companies (TEKMA and NUOVA RED ITALIANA) the successful tradition in researching, designing, manufacturing and testing machinery for hygiene disposable products.  The attention to the most precise design, the careful assembly and accurate testing of each line before delivery, took benefit from a wide and modern space of 22.000 sqm in our main facility in Offanengo, Italy.

In 1999 GDM acquired the Engineering Department of a well-known multinational hygiene disposable manufacturer adding an important milestone to our continuous research for the best in class technologies and production solutions.  In fact, through this acquisition GDM took complete advantage of the most admired and well-known engineering team of the disposable market with more than 50 years of history.

Thanks to the investments in the research and development of innovative technology, both in engineering and production areas, GDM as a whole is positioned for the challenges of the future.