Africa: land of opportunities for the Baby Diapers market

Africa: land of opportunities for the Baby Diapers market

In recent years, economic growth in Africa has been second only to Asia: as per 2017, the continent has marked an average annual GDP increase of 3,7%, thanks to improved political solidity and reforms unleashing the private Sector in many countries.

In this growing economic context, tradition keeps being a distinctive feature: in fact, in the Baby diapers market, cloth diapers penetration is still high, around 40%, and small local stores are the main distribution channel.

Africa baby diapers

In Northern and Southern Africa, the market is more mature: South Africa has been the first to invest in machinery for Baby diapers production, followed by Algeria thanks to Middle East trends' influence and structural reforms, especially in infrastructure development.

Benefitting from a young consumers base and key global players' presence, Nigeria has afterwards become the Central African country with the highest level of Baby diapers penetration (19% in 2016).

What will the future bring? The main investment opportunities in the Baby diapers market are closely linked to the potential population growth: focusing on Central Africa, Senegal, Kenya and Ethiopia are the countries where 0-4 years old population is expected to increase the most, up to +25% by 2030.

Africa demographic trends

The focus is now on two pillars, allowing Baby diapers manufacturers to keep up with the specific regional market needs:

  • PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT to provide premium quality diapers, snuggly and super-absorbent
  • PRODUCTION OPERATIVE COSTS OPTIMIZATION, to face local currencies devaluation and to support growth ambitions

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