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SB50 Red Series B6

  • Overview
The SB50 Red Series B6 is the new integrated system capable to stack and bag hygiene disposable products such as baby open diapers and baby pants up to 50 cycles per minutes. It’s characterized by a modular design and performing a quick change over time.  The SB50 Red Series B6 is composed by the following units:
 Twist Belt:  
  • Conveyor belts driven by a servo motor. 
  • Optical sensor to control the “paddle belt” movement.
  • Belts tensioning managed by a pneumatic system.
  • The paddles are mounted on a synchronized belt powered by a servo motor and clamped on the synchronized belt with a click concept.
  • Belts tensioning managed by a pneumatic system.
  • Compression plates fixed on the synchronized belt, driven by servo motor ensuring central positioning.
  • Pneumatic “Stop Plate” integrated to the set, alignment target
  • Two articulated arms managed by two servo motors to transfer the grouped products from the stacker to pre-compression unit.
Compression Unit:
  • Set of stainless compression plates guided by sliding rails and sliding blocks, driven by precision rack and gears, powered by servo motor enabling 25KN compression force/power. Air cushion reduces product friction over the process.
Double Pusher:
  • Pusher system with two linear modules managed by two servomotors, allowing forward/backward and up/down movements. Designed with safety system to disarm automatic on overload situation.
Bag Pick Up: 
  • Module of vacuum suction and pneumatic stapler performing the operation handle of the bag. Up and down movements to open the bag managed by servomotor. Optical sensor monitors the feeding level of the bags at the station opening. Quick format change through spindle
  • Module of two stainless swords with forward/backward movement that carry out the product from the compression unit to the sealing unit. Swords units are made with air holes to protect the product and the process, driven by servo motors with fast set-up.
Bag Conveyor:
  • Automatic bag infeed system to fulfill pre-made bags to the machine, driven by servo motor and designed with security locks.
Sealing Unit:
  • Sealing jaws driven by servomotor, which moves the set of welding wire. Heating system for “Pulse” managed through dedicated controller. Sealing bars cooled by air. Cutting system for bag trim vacuum blower. Quick format change through spindle with counter.