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Baby Pants: what's behind parents' choice?

New developments in raw materials, absorption capabilities and user-friendly features make todays' premium diapers considerably different from the product of the past, driving the focus on product quality.


According to a 2015 global research from Nielsen, consumers are satisfied with diapers providing skin protection and comfort, as indicated respectively by 40% and 33% of the interviewed.
Convenience, as the easiness to put on and off the diaper, is considered a key factor that influences decision-making process in 15% of the cases.

Baby Pants increasing diffusion is the direct effect of these drivers, leading to +8% global growth in the consumption volumes (CAGR 16-20). Asia Pacific is the region where pants-type diapers are achieving the best results (+13% CAGR 16-20), becoming more and more popular also globally, thanks to three main factors:

GDM portfolio ensuring product quality
BP8-CD Red is the GDM portfolio solution running at 800 ppm, perfectly matching with current Baby diaper market needs.
The machine is designed to produce baby pants ensuring optimized absorption and free movements, keeping baby skin and product surface dry.

BP8-CD Red has been designed focusing on raw materials control and tensioning, to allow the use of a wider range of materials, including the softest ones, for the production of snuggly diapers.

To avoid overtensioning, most raw materials are positioned in the upper part of the converting line: keeping their natural integrity, our solution allows 100% overlapping of the layers during laminating, matching and positioning processes.
This way, the material's handling capability is improved, preventing breaks during the splicing operation and enabling a top product quality and machine reliability at high speed.

Discover more about our BP8-CD Red and our portfolio of solutions ensuring overall product quality and enhancing manufacturers' sales through consumers' satisfaction.