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How could the digital transformation impact Baby Diaper market in Asia-Pacific?

The digital impact in Asia-Pacific is amplified by a deep market penetration of new technologies and devices driven by social influences: digitalization represents a great opportunity for the region to leapfrog, pushing markets boundaries and innovating the most.


With estimated E-commerce growth rates in the double digits by 2025 (+32% estimated CAGR 2015-2025), Asia-Pacific consumers are among the world’s strongest and fastest adopters of mobile technology as a result of the growing middle class population and of the rapidly expanding internet access.

These factors are contributing to the digitalization’s positive impact also in baby products on-line retailing, with a 20% increase in the last two years and a forecasted strong growth in the next period (+17% CAGR 2017-2021).

Moreover, E-commerce represents the best solution for Asia-Pacific millennial moms – born between 1980 and 2000 - juggling full time jobs and considering efficiency and convenience as top priorities in order to ease their daily workload.


Baby pants: the next Baby diapers’ trend in Asia-Pacific


Which are the main success reasons for Baby pants expansion in Asia-Pacific?
Today’s parents are becoming increasingly aware of Baby pants benefits when they are toilet training their children, in consideration of:

Baby pants allow to slip on and off easily the product compared to open diapers, responding to the convenience market need   Baby pants wearability ensures the required comfort fit for growing children, acting as much like real underwear as possibile and helping them with the transition   In Asia-Pacific, retailers have launched smaller packs, with one or two diapers per pack, in order to proposse them at a competitive price


GDM solutions responding to the Asia-Pacific market trends


BP8-CD Red is the GDM Baby pants running at 800 ppm in cross direction, targeting companies willing to be competitive in fast growing markets.


Our solution is designed to produce baby pants ensuring optimized absorption and comfortable movements, keeping baby skin dry and product surface soft, through consolidated GDM technologies adopted in B8 platform as Extra Thin Core.
Thanks to our turnkey converting and packaging solutions, GDM allows you to maximize your competitive capability: exploiting the Zero waste product design for raw materials saving and the connection with our high speed SB70 Red Series B10, you will get the best total cost of ownership results!
Are you interested in discovering more about our BP8-CD Red and our portfolio of solutions expressly developed to respond to your specific regional needs?
Contact Us!

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