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Technological Innovation

As part of COESIA Group, industrial and technological research is the main factor of GDM’s success.
Defining Innovations that are of  value to our customers and the relative technical solutions,  ensures  the proper direction for our R&D projects.

In this perspective a new development program called Drive The Future has been launched in 2013:
Drive The Future program has involved GDM’s main customers with a series of technology meetings where GDM and our customers R&D personnel exchanged needs and ideas in order to better define the value for our customers and better target the development efforts.

Continuous scouting of new technologies, collaboration with main Italian Universities and application of specific methodologies for generation of innovative solutions (i.e. TRIZ) is the way we ensure the state of the art for our newly developed solutions.
Examples of the latest release solutions are:
  • Linear motion technology
  • Electronic cams and repithing unit
  • Rear Wings Zero Waste
  • Longitudianl folding with Coanda effect
  • Single culling system [waste reduction]
  • Thin core with intermittent SAP application [product development]