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Single Culling

Waste reduction is one key element for the economic success of GDM’s customers.

Advanced high speed production lines are typically equipped with vision systems looking at each product (up to 1000ppm) to detect defect and waste the defective ones in order to ensure no faulty product are sold in the market; traditional waste handling solutions are culling at least 3 products for each defective one (one before and one after) to ensure the “bad one” is actually rejected.
The single culling system (Index11 Award-winning) is the new concept of waste solution that ensures only the defective product is rejected with potential of 33% waste reduction for product application defects.

This solution includes the vision system to detect the product defects, the high speed servo drive waste gate (to be able to eject one single product) and the signal handling SW.
The core of the system is the algorithm that handles the signals from vision system to machine PLC and activating the waste gate ensuring that the right product is always ejected.

Another important fact is that the single culling system is available for new machines as well as a retrofit kit for existing machines and is now vision system brand-independent so it is adaptable to theoretically every machine and vision system.