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Rear Wings Zero Waste

Rear Wings Zero Waste with GDM patented Linear Motion Technology has won the 2017 Index Award in the “Innovation in machinery” category.
The equipment has been designed to carry out the application of symmetric Zero Waste Rear Wings of Baby diapers minimizing size change time and responding to clear market needs in terms of production flexibility.

GDM responds to the baby diaper market with its new B8-W Grey line, helping manufacturers to face production challenges through effective and innovative Zero Time solutions, minimizing size change and raw materials setting adjustment time according to customers’ specific needs.

GDM patented Linear Motion and E-cam technology represent the highest expression of flexibility and are employed to optimize processes, minimizing the necessary time for product recipe, material and size setting activities.
Within the Rear Wings application, the double shifter is equipped with linear motors, allowing the cross machine repositioning of the wings. Thanks to the joined actions of this technology and the dynamic shaping unit, it is possible to produce up to four baby open diaper product sizes with no mechanical components replacement.

Electronic cams, installed on the final accelerator of Rear Wings application, manage multiple sizes and product lengths with the same machinery for the most flexible solution.