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Thin Core With intermitten SAP Application

Disposable diaper market is fast moving towards a redefinition of the core.  The market is looking at thinner yet more performing absorbent product.
The benefits of a thinner product are both for economic reasons (less bulky products = less cost for logistic, reduced shelf space etc..) and for user needs (more discrete, improved wearability).

One way to reduce product thickness is to reduce the amount of fluff pulp used to form the core by redefining the way we apply the super-absorbent polymer in order to improve product performance and reduce the cost.
The sophisticated yet easy to operate system has been successfully developed and launched to the market in 2012 and has been installed in several new production lines; also, as a retrofit kit on existing installations.

The system has been developed entirely by GDM exploiting advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) simulations allowing the customer to anticipate the final results through mathematic models of the raw materials.